Resolve to be wise

We look back on the days of a year just past, and it usually occurs to us that the time has flown by too quickly for us to accomplish the things we considered important. We look forward now to the days of the year about to begin, and we take it for granted that we have the whole year ahead of us for our purposes. What an inconsistency. On the one hand, guilt; on the other, complacency. The guilt sometimes…

Launching our new website!

Redeemer OPC in Hawaii has a new website! That seems to go without saying. However, this is a significant achievement for us. Prior to our new website launch, our online presence on Oahu depended on a static website. It was out-of-date, plain, and lacked quality content to further engage our visitors. Beyond providing basic information about worship time and location, it just hasn’t been all that helpful. Thanks be to God, that’s about to change. 12 years later… In His…

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