Launching our new website!

Launching our new website!

Redeemer OPC in Hawaii has a new website! That seems to go without saying. However, this is a significant achievement for us.

Prior to our new website launch, our online presence on Oahu depended on a static website. It was out-of-date, plain, and lacked quality content to further engage our visitors. Beyond providing basic information about worship time and location, it just hasn’t been all that helpful. Thanks be to God, that’s about to change.

12 years later…

In His great providence, we were able to connect with Five More Talents, a web design company that specializes in helping churches increase their online presence. After brainstorming and restructuring, we now have a website providing better information about our church.

The new website has all the basic information about the church’s location, worship times, and mid-week studies. However, we have reorganized our content to make it more accessible and intuitive to visitors. You will find fresh and updated content that gives you a more comprehensive overview of who we are and what we believe.

We have added many new features that will provide dynamic and helpful content. This includes the blog you’re reading right now, a resource section with a steadily growing number of Bible study aids in PDF format, visitor information, and so much more. We even have links to our adult Sunday School videos which we have started producing and publishing on YouTube recently.

Looking forward

We hope that this new website will be an aid to you for your Christian faith and life. We thank all those who have given of their time and effort to build it, and who will keep on working to make it an expanding resource to everyone who visits it. Most of all, we’re thankful to our Lord for the resources to produce it and the opportunity to present it.

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