Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Worship

The Highest Purpose.  We believe that the highest purpose for which God saves people through Jesus Christ is to be His worshipers (John 4:22-24).  We must worship Him in Spirit and truth.  So, the only way that anyone can worship God truly is by being in a state of salvation through Holy Spirit-given faith in Jesus Christ.  Biblical worship has only one Mediator between God and men—the God/man and Savior, Jesus Christ (John 14:6; 1 Timothy 2:5).  And the only…

What We Believe

The Bible The Bible is the word of God set down in writing.  God supernaturally inspired the words of Scripture by His Spirit through His holy prophets and apostles.  It is infallible in all that it teaches and without error.  God has, by His singular care and providence, preserved it throughout the ages.  The Bible is our only authority and rule for faith and life.  God has given it to us to direct us how to glorify and enjoy Him…


Redeemer is a mission work of the Presbytery of Southern California of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.  Our session members, except for the pastor, live on the mainland.  However, they make regular visits to the island and the families of our congregation in order to oversee and ensure their spiritual health and growth.  We’re always excited to introduce new attendees to them when they visit.  The familiar face you’ll see each Sunday will be Pastor Doug Watson.  Pastor Doug is the…

Due to COVID-19, you can choose to worship with us in-person or join us virtually. Join for Livestreaming